Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Get a blessing from God without asking 2/2

(cont. from part 1) We know she did not have the benefit of the gospels or Paul's epistles to learn about the grace of God. But what does she have? The bible says she heard about Jesus. Hearing about Jesus made so much difference in her that she was able to do such an amazing exploit. No wonder the bible says 
So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ. (Romans 10:17, NASB)
No wonder my Pastor always says faith is the hand that takes. It is clearly seen here. Hearing about Jesus gave her so much faith she went to take a blessing from God so boldly. She was sure she is going to get it. Wow. How amazing is that. No wonder the Lord told her it was her faith (good opinion of Him) that made her well.

Yet, it is interesting to note that she isn't one of the two in the bible whom Jesus says has great faith. The two are the Roman Centurion (Matthew 8:1-13) and the Syro-Phoenician woman (Matthew 15:21-28). My Pastor has an amazing revelation about this. For me, I find that both person whom the Lord said has great faith all asked the Lord to do beyond what He said He could do. A friend S first pointed this out to me and I do agree with his observation. The Roman centurion asked the Lord not to come to His house to heal, though the Lord had offered, but instead asked Him to do the seemingly harder thing (harder in the sense that it is harder for us to believe, not harder for the Lord to do) of just speaking the Word. The Syro-phoenician woman went forth in the face of the Lord's seeming belittlement, and still insisted she would be able to receive under that seeming belittlement. Both of them asked the Lord to do beyond what He has offered. And their boldness to receive that Good from the Lord probably glorified the Lord's goodness. Not only were their wishes grant, but the Lord marveled at their great faith. 

This is the reason why the Lord had needed to look for the lady who was healed from her issue of blood. Though the lady received her healing, she did it by stealth, cos' she wasn't sure if Jesus would agree to heal her. And the Lord wanted her to know it is alright that she has taken without first asking Him, and that He is also willing to heal her and He wanted her to know. He encouraged her and called her "daughter", an endearing term, instead of reprimanding her. How kind is our Lord! Not only that, He caused her to enter into His shalom. The "in" in "go in peace" is Greek "eis" which means "into". It isn't a normal well-wishing. And the word "go" is in present imperative. It means it is a command from the Lord that has continuous effect. 

The woman who wanted to obtain her blessing without permission is now left encouraged that her faith is in the right place. The Lord did not allow her to leave without being sure that He will willing for her to receive her healing. She also obtained the blessing of entering into the Lord's Shalom. That day she obtained from God exceedingly, abundantly above all she asked or think, even though she did not start out right initially. Isn't Jesus amazing?


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