Monday, February 4, 2013

How I came to know the Lord 4/4 - The third thing

The third thing (cont from part 3)

Before the next Sunday where we would accept the Lord, the company I worked for had an overseas retreat for the entire department. There could be two hundred over people in total. 15 group leaders were chosen to lead group discussions. I was made a group leader. However, there were only 5 discussion ideas. Each idea would be deliberated by 3 separate groups. And there will be a "show-down" session where the groups deliberating on the same idea would choose one group leader out of the 3 to represent them and present the consolidated ideas to the entire department.

I very much wanted be the group leader to present the ideas to the department. But to do that I need to beat two other group leaders. One of them happened to be B (he is mentioned in part 3 of this story). B is a highly charismatic chap. Even one of the bosses was telling me that if I am up against B, then my chances are about nil. I totally agree. I was, at most, only able to convince a few people, but with B there, everyone is going to just listen to him. 

So I ask God. I ask God to make me the presenter. And He asked me this very interesting question. He asked: "Do you always want what you want or do I decide for you?" I was stunned. Of course I only want what I want. Just give me what I want, right? If you think about it, don't we all feel the same? In my heart I could not leave it to Him to decide. What if He decides that I shouldn't present? Would I be able to accept it? I give it some thought (a few minutes) and I made up my mind that I will let Him decide. If He should decide that I would not present, I will accept it. So I told him: "You decide God." 

I still remember the "show-down" session vividly. Each team leader will bring a secretary and a supporter to a room. In the room, the 9 people from 3 groups will fight it out and then select a leader. I was the last one to enter the room. And when I entered, everyone looked at me and said: "Ok, you are the last one to enter the room, you present!" I couldn't believe my ears. I looked around for B. He was no where to be seen. I was told he lost his voice that morning. Well, as it turned out, unknown to me, B was terrified at the idea of presenting to the department. That morning he pretended that he lost his voice, and he miraculously recovered after the presentations. So I got what I wanted. God gave me what I want. But He wanted me to be able to give the right of decision to Him. In this third thing that God did for me before I accepted Jesus in my life, He taught me that in my life God makes the decision and the way the results are given is restful. I did not need to say a word before the victory was given. God's way is better.

When I came back to my home country, my wife and I accepted the Lord in that church we attended the following Sunday. That has been our home church ever since.

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