Sunday, February 3, 2013

How I came to know the Lord 1/4 - initial years

The early years

I never would think that I would be a Christian one day. In fact, it would have been unthinkable. I was brought up in a traditional non-Christian family and I was the only son in the family. Right from the start I knew my role would be important to my mum and dad in their funeral proceedings. It is a role that I deeply honor growing up. But that role is tacitly understood. My parents and I never spoke about it. 

Christianity has never made sense to me then. I am a pretty logical person. When I was in junior high school I took religious study of a certain religion and I had always excelled in that subject. Examination papers for it would always be returned nearly full marks.

I never quite like Christians as well. I would meet them on buses and public places. And they would zealously speak to me about their faith. They were friendly and enthusiastic. But they could never answer my questions. About life. About God. And when they knew I weren't going to be convinced, their initial enthusiasm for me would somehow evaporate. It made me very disappointed when that happened as I realized they were not sincere towards me. It was a very conditional friendliness that could quickly expire depending on if they can get something from me. It also does not help that I had bad experiences with the Christians in school in junior high. 

I did not have many things when I was young. At that time friendship bands were the rage. I didn't have a good one. I had one that looked cheap. It was faded and thin. I can still remember how it looked like today. It was one of those things you hoped nobody would notice. Well, one day my one of my acquaintance (a Christian) took a look at the friendship band I was wearing and commented that "hey, that looks so faded!". He quickly caught hold of himself and said "wow, that looks very nice!". It was one of those unpleasant moments you hope you never had. But it happened. It is like one day a friend exclaimed you are ugly, say "opps" and then told you that you look very beautiful. The quick change in opinion was too drastic for me to accept. I found it fake. To me it lacks integrity.

A few years later when I was nearly entering the university, I began to join my sister's Christian cell group meetings. I am used to joining my sister in her various activities growing up. Her cell group friends, comprising of youths and young adults, became my good friends. They accommodated me in their meetings. I was the only non-believer. I even attended the bible study in their church. The irony is that I got the highest marks in the bible study test. They then thought I am on the verge of believing and they bought me a soft copy book and presented it to me. I thanked them for that black color softcopy book but I did not know that that is a bible. They never told me and thought I knew. I kept it with me for a few years before I realized it is a bible when my sister asked to borrow it. My Christian friends must have been praying for me in those few years when I was with them. I attribute my salvation years later to their prayers. Though I have lost touch with them (my sister later changed church for her own reasons), I always remember them fondly. They were accommodating and were kind to me. (cont in part 2)

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