Monday, February 25, 2013

JC's revelation on eating and health


I had gastric pain few days ago, and I suspect it's the food I ate. The pain was a score of seven out of ten. My first reaction was to take pain killers. After taking pain killers and one hour later, the pain intensified. At that time, as I was doing quiet time, the Lord asked me why I'm trying to do something that He has already done for me. I did not understand what He meant. Then I remembered myself taking the painkillers for the reason of getting myself healed. So i changed to taking healing communion and confessing that I'm already healed. The pain was still there though, so I went to sleep. After I woke up, the pain was gone. And I reflect on the times on simple things I did to get the blessing that God already gave. Like I eat because I think I can put on weight, for health. But then I think again, it probably does not work this way. Because health comes from God, and He gave it to us at the Cross. I have seen people who try to eat, but whatever they eat, they vomit. They do not have the health. So i sense, that health was already given at the Cross. So I do not eat to be healthy, yet I eat, because God has given me health. There are people who could not eat because they do not have the blessing of health. And because God give me health, I can eat and know that I am already healthy, and God keeps me. Its about changing mindset, and God help me repent to see whatever I need from the perspective of the Cross. So now by HIs Grace, I do things not because I do not have or want to get it, but rather, I do it because God has already given, and when He has given, I have the confidence to do. I am still not there yet, and I need God to guide me for the whole of my life, because I alone am weak.

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