Monday, February 4, 2013

Teng's sharing

We were really blessed by this sharing by a friend's daughter

Morning everyone, wanna share something that spoke to me recently while reading a devotional about Jesus feeding the 5 thousand. 
Have u ever wondered how the whole miracle took place? I never wondered and always thought Jesus gave thanks, broke the food and passed it to his disciples to give out and after everything they just collected it back. But that day when I saw the words "12 baskets", it just popped out at me that there were 12 disciples. And prob among the crowd they borrowed 12 empty baskets, one for each disciple to carry. And Jesus multiplied the food and put then in each of the baskets till thy were full. And the disciples went out distributing the food from each of their baskets and each basket never ran out! 

Just like Pastor share that at the wedding at Cana, the audience never got to see the miracle of jesus turning water into wine, only the servants did, so did his disciples in this story. They experienced the whole thing. How humble and gracious Jesus is to involve his disciples in this feeding of the five thousand!

It was a timely word for me cos before that I did wonder a few times if I would have enough time to catch up on schoolwork in the weekends since I'm going to start serving soon in the Sunday school. And although I wasn't that worried yet, Jesus still have me this word! Really love how sweet he is :)

And to encourage y'all, you are just like the disciples , and he is using you right now in your workplaces/schools to love and reach out to the people around you. You will get to experience his grace manifested through you to others and remember the supply is always from him. 
Have a restful week and I pray Jesus help u be conscious of him with u wherever u are. :)

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  1. Wow. What a powerful revelation! so encouraged. Thanks for sharing.