Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Two questions on studying the bible answered

After reading an earlier post on "Examining Ephesians 2:15 through the interlinear", a friend asked if there is a fixed way to bible study. Do we need to use the interlinear all the time? Is there a fixed methodology - like the steps to follow till the truth is found? To me, the answer is no. Knowing the various mechanics of studying the bible is fine (covered in an earlier post "Mechanics of Studying the Bible"), but for every new verse we should be guided by the Holy Spirit and not follow a rigid methodology. This is because every situation is different and the Word of the Lord is so rich.  You can read the same verse and every time the Holy Spirit can reveal new truths. I don't think anyone is able to work out a system of bible study in fixed steps that can work the best in every instance. It is much better to just take it easy and go with the flow at that time that you are reading the verse. Enjoy the process of finding out the truth about Jesus in that verse guided by the Holy Spirit. The methods are tools. Don't set up a system of study and get locked into it. To me it takes the joy out of reading the bible. However, if you are someone who feels much better if you have a fixed workflow, then do feel free. That may mean your flow is having a fixed method.

The second question is: "Is there only one correct way to look at a verse?" My answer would be no as well. Again, the Lord's Word is so rich. I think everyone who studies the bible always think they got it. But I am sure there are more truths to be discovered. The fact that we think we are finding out more truths than the people we know will also mean that there could be people we know or don't know who are getting more truth in the verse than us. The Teacher, the Holy Spirit will bring all things of Christ to our remembrance. In our study of God's Words, just enjoy what the Holy Spirit is showing us. No one has the last word on God's Word. I think only God does :)


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