Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why did Jesus appear on my right side?

If you have read the posts (so long I split them into 4 parts) about my testimony on how the Lord found me, the third part of the testimony mentioned that Jesus appeared to me in a close vision facing me. But the Lord was not standing directly in front of me. He was standing in front of me, to my right.

It was a presence. I did not see His face. But His important attributes were revealed to me in an instant (the details are in the post).

For a long time I could not figure why the Lord would appear to me at my right. It has been over 12 years now. And recently I realize why. He must have finally revealed it to me!

Do you know why? Think about it and scroll down for the answer.


If the Lord and I are facing each other and He is standing to my right, that means to Him I am standing to His right as well. Since everything is created by Him, through Him and for Him (Romans 11:36), everything should be taken from His reference. Not from our reference.

This means I am the one who is standing on the right side of the Lord. Wow! That has great significance. The right-hand side of the Lord is the place of favor (Psalms 110:1, Matthew 22:44). The Lord in His kindness, has put me in the place of favor. Praise His Holy Name! At that time I was a non-believer on the way to receiving Him. How much more favor He would give to everyone who believe in Him! We are greatly blessed indeed!


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