Friday, March 1, 2013

A friend's self-invitation for dinner

We had a gathering recently at our place and it starts at 8 pm, thus it is post dinner. A friend AH asked if dinner is provided. I said no, and told him that it is post dinner. AH told us he is coming for dinner anyway. So we cooked for him and we had one guest that night for dinner before the rest of the guests came.

My wife and I felt really good about AH inviting himself for dinner. He knew we are good to him. He knew we are good enough to him that we would not mind if he asked. And he is right! In fact, it warmed our hearts that we still have a friend who could trust us enough to invite himself over for dinner! I thought about it and in my own quiet moments I do feel a bit sad that AH is probably the only one who would do that with us. It shows us that AH feels close to us. He trusts us. It is a very good feeling.

And this morning when I was thinking about this I was reminded of the two person in the bible Jesus said had great faith. I mentioned that in my last post but in case you did not read it, the stories are found in Luke 7:1-10 (Roman Centurion) and Matt 15:21-28 (Syro-phoenician woman). In the centurion's case, the Lord had agreed to go to his house to heal his servant but he asked the Lord to not even go there but just speak the word. The centurion believed that Jesus is good enough to him to do for him more than He had said He would do. For the Syro-phoenician woman, the Lord said He did not come for the gentile who should not get the bread of the children of Israel. But she insisted that even then there will be crumbs for her to eat. While some women may have stormed off in anger at the seemingly belittling way the Lord was speaking with her, she did not backed off from seeking good from Him. She believed she would receive the good she needed from Him. And she got her miracle.

Great faith is about believing that God is good to us, in spite of the odds. To seek that Good in Him that He has for us, which surely He has aplenty. For my friend AH, most people may have a bad opinion of him for his self-invitation but only my wife and I understand how happy we were. I think the Lord in His mercy and compassion for us was giving my wife and I a chance to have a glimpse of how glad He is when we seek His goodness in our lives. The Lord isn't troubled when we do that. He does not mind. In fact, when we do that it shows we have a good opinion of Him and that surely will warm His heart.


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