Monday, March 11, 2013

If an unbeliever wants to come to church to look at our girls, do we let him come?

The above is a question I was asked many years back that stays with me. I have always wanted to answer it. This answer is purely my personal comment - since I have no authority of sorts whatsoever in any decision making for any church. So this is purely personal. In fact, you might need to answer this question to a friend's query at some point in your life. Good to be prepared.

If you have seen the last post the answer to this question would be yes, we should still let them come. We are not meant to qualify who should come to church to meet Jesus. We should not stop anyone from coming to church where they will meet Jesus. And by the way, church is an open place. There are many people who come with many intentions that we don't know about. Practically we would never be able to police, even if God sanctions us to do it, which He did not.

Jesus spends time with sinners. And once sinners encounter Jesus (Zacchaeus the tax collector, the Samaritan woman at the well, the sinner woman who washes Jesus' feet with her tears etc) the Lord's grace and mercy are imparted in such a way that changes the sinners' lives forever. They ceased to be sinners. They are saved. So a person can come to church for the wrong reasons. But soon they will have an encounter with Jesus that will change them and Jesus will become the object of their pursuit. Jesus' gospel is attractive enough to do that.

So the best place to be for anyone is still to come to church. And we should pray for their salvation.This is not to say that we don't put security measures in place. We should still take action if someone comes to harm the congregation. But we should facilitate for anyone who wants to come to church. I heard of a great man of God who says that when he was younger he went to a youth fellowship as the girl he liked was there. But soon his reasons began to change for the right reasons. Aren't we glad he wasn't stopped from attending the youth fellowship then?

If you have any good verses on this, please share with me. Thank you.

God bless you richly. Shalom.

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