Friday, April 19, 2013

JC's daughter gave her $6 out of the blue

I can never understand how precious Jesus is until I gave what I think is very precious to me. My daughter gave me $6 just last week. I was surprised. I asked her why. She said she wanted to give me money because I keep giving her. I felt very warm in my heart. I knew this action could not have come from any of my teaching. I don't feel close to my natural parents at all, so I do not have the natural instinct to want to do something for  my parents. So naturally, I do not teach her about honouring parents. So I know this is definitely God teaching her. Anyway, I decided I just put the money she gave to me in the offering bag. I did not think much about it. On Sunday service, before I popped the money into the offering bag, I realized that I was giving something to God which is so precious to me. Because that was my daughter's love gift to me.  Although it's just a $6 thing, but that was from my daughter. As I thought of that, I realized that God gave His Son Jesus to me. And at that point, I suddenly realized how precious Jesus was to God. Of course it cannot be compared to my $6 offering, but it just came to me that to God, Jesus is very precious, and He gave something so precious to me? I have been to church for few years, but only recently I realised how precious Jesus is in God's eyes. And for God to give me something so precious, made me realise that I must be someone that God really loves. Maybe others may think, ya, God loves everyone, but I never understand the main focus of God is until I realise how much He loves me. I know humans are the heart of God, people can see it like so common thing. But at that moment, as I reflected as I gave the offering, I felt as if I was the only one that God loves.

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