Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Let God take over, He cares.

This year is an important year for my daughter's education. The work gets tougher and she is preparing for an important exam in two years' time. She had worked hard for the past years and to me this is the year she needs to really step on it and put in her best. However, as the work gets tougher, she also begins to work less. And that worries me. I thought I had to intervene. I bought workbooks. I wanted to set schedules for her to do her work. As I become more troubled, I also smile less. It affects my daughter, as she begin to see me becoming less approachable. When I coach her in her work, I also become stricter and perhaps more impatient, as my heart is troubled. And it did not work well. She prefers to do her work on her own without coming to me anymore. And all my plans for her to do the extra workbooks end up in frustration. I thought to myself that I really need her to stick to the plan. But things are really looking worse then before.

Then when I was driving one morning the Lord gave me a nudge. I did not hear any words. But I instinctively know what He is trying to say. He told me "why not rest and entrust it to me?". The Lord tells me He wants me to entrust it to Him. I realized I had been holding on to the situation. It is like a delicate China that I thought I had to hold on and take care of it. I had thought if I let go, the delicate China I have in my hands will break. How silly I was. In most parts of my life I could rest and trust Him. And my daughter's education got me. I had believed I needed to solve it, do something to make things work. I had thought without my plans, it will crash. To tell you the truth, I had held on to it cos' I had not trusted God enough. That is the reason I could not let go. I could not pass it to Him and I held on to the issue.

So after the Lord reminded me, I had my moment of epiphany. I think to myself "of course I can pass it to Him, I should have trusted Him!". So in my heart, I determined then to entrust my daughter's education to the Lord, and rest, trusting God has taken over and He will work it out.

You know what? The situation reversed and turned immediately for the better very soon. I found my daughter instead of running away, coming back to ask me questions. And we had good discussions. She even asked me extension questions at a later time, which shows active engagement and thinking, which is a very good sign. And I also become a lot more restful.

The Lord cared enough about me to ask me to entrust my problem to Him instead. He cared about my peace of mind, my happiness, my family harmony. Really, when He took over, things become much better. I could finally heave a sigh of relief. He delivered me from my troubles. All glory to Jesus. We are built to trust the Lord. Not strive. 

And while talking about this with some good friends, I suddenly found myself remembering this verse.
Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you. (1 Peter 5:6-7)
I realized that casting my care to the Lord is an act of humility! Thus, trying to work out our situation, thinking that "I can handle it" is being prideful.  For years when I read this I could not link casting my care to the Lord to Him caring for me. I had thought if I keep casting my cares to Him, it will give Him more work and how is it linked to Him caring for me? But since this is the Word of God, then God is the One who wants us to cast our cares to Him. It is not us who want it, but Him. Because He is concerned that we will be very troubled if we don't cast our cares to Him. He knows we can't handle our cares. Only He can. He wants to deliver us from our troubles. Because He cares for our well-being. Wow! Suddenly it all makes sense. And I finally could understand this verse. How kind our heavenly Father is!
Simon Peter said to him, "Lord, where are you going?" Jesus answered, "Where I am going, you can't follow now, but you will follow afterwards."Peter said to him, "Lord, why can't I follow you now? I will lay down my life for you." Jesus answered him, "Will you lay down your life for me? Most certainly I tell you, the rooster won't crow until you have denied me three times. "Don't let your heart be troubled. Believe in God. Believe also in me. (John 13:36 - John 14:1)
Normally our bible is segmented into chapters but they are done on a best effort basis for ease of cataloging and indexing. Originally the text isn't in chapters. If you look at the end of John 13 and link it with the first verse of John 14, you get the verses above. You find that the Lord instructed His disciples not to have their hearts troubled after Peter boasted about his obedience and good works, which is prideful. Thus again, we see that not letting our hearts be troubled (casting our cares to Him) is really trusting God and is an act of humility (the opposite of being prideful). And the basis for that is Jesus' finished work.

Do you have an area in your life you feel you tried but is frustrated with and you see no results? Our Father in heaven today loves us and cares for us. As such He wants us to cast these cares to Him. Hand the cares to Him and let Him take over. We rest. God knows we will get much better results this way. He has your well-being in mind. He wants to deliver you from stress and strive. And it also an act of humbling ourselves before our God. Trust in the work of Jesus instead. Let not your hearts be troubled. 

Be blessed by God Himself instead for your situation. Blessings can only be received. Striving on our own could never create the blessings we need. We have a good God who is willing to take over. Let's humbly step aside, and let Him. 

In my heart, I just want to praise God and our Lord Jesus Christ unceasingly for so loving us.


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