Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mouth of the Righteous Speaks Wisdom - Sharing by TT

Psalm 37:30
“The mouth of the righteous speaks wisdom…" 

I am sharing a very simple verse today, and what a blessing this verse is!  I went for a job interview a few weeks ago and it's my first interview in more than 12 years.  I was the last candidate and bored with the waiting, I started looking for bible verses I can meditate on.  This verse came to me, and as I meditate on it, I was fascinated by how Jesus made us righteous and because of that we speak wisdom.  It was not because I am smart, or very knowledgeable that I speak wisdom, but plainly just because I am made righteous by God!   In fact, it is a double benefit, first I was made righteous, and because of righteousness, I speak wisdom.  This is very encouraging indeed before a job interview! 

To cut a long story short, the interview was tough, and the interviewer used pressure tactics by repeatedly asking the same questions.  I came out of the interview frustrated and didn't think they would even consider me.  Interestingly, a week later, the HR arranged for a separate chit-chat session with the interviewer.  During the chit-chat, she revealed that she really liked my responses in the written test, as well as during the interview.  I must have spoken and written wisdom, for she seemed a really difficult lady to please!   

Beloved, we are all made righteous by Jesus.  In our work, in our daily lives, and as we serve, we speak wisdom.  You are made righteous, and as you serve this Sunday, and speak to the people you serve, know that the Lord will speak wisdom through you and touch the lives of the people you meet.

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