Monday, May 20, 2013

JC has a revelation about God is her Father who made the heavens and the earth

Sharing by JC

My leader once shared how God went back in time and repaired his childhood. I did not understand though. Until I was reading the Bible in Genesis 1. " In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the earth." When I read the Word God, I heard the same prompting in my heart again. When I read the Word " God", He was telling me " Your Father ". And then I read the next verse, " And God ( the Holy Spirit was telling me again that it's my Father when I look at the Word God) said: " Let there be light." And I read on. So everytime when I came across the Word "God", the Word " Your Father" will come along also. Then I suddenly remembered back in my primary school days, there were this group of pupils who liked to bully me. Everytime when something happened, they always have their father coming to school to " back them up". And they would never fail to jeer at me, telling me things like their father did this, their father did that. But when things happen to me, I'm always alone. I did not have anyone when I needed help, I did not have any father to boast about, to tell what He did for me. As I continued reading the scripture, everytime when I read the Word " God", the Spirit would tell me " Your Father". So suddenly things opened up to me. I was so shocked. I was thinking, you mean the One who made the Heavens is my Father? The One who made the light is my Father? The One who made the expanse, the shrubs, the plants, the land, is my Father??!! I mean, I did not know my Father is so powerful. I did not know my own Father is so clever to make so many things.  Because all this while, when I talked about father, I only think about my natural father. I did not receive God as my real Father.  With due respect to him though, when I read the scriptures, its like I only have one Father, and I forgot about the natural one. Its like the natural father never appeared before. Its as if the One replaced the natural one. Then I went to the window and see the sky. I was thinking, my Father made that sky??!!. And I was going, " Wow! so big!" .Cos in my life, I was never amazed at my natural father before. Yes, I know, many people know God made this, made that. But when the Spirit prompted me " Your Father", whenever I saw the Word " God ", suddenly, it's like I never have any other father before, except my Heavenly Father. 

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