Monday, May 27, 2013

JC's daughter healed once she realized how much she is loved by God!

Sharing by JC

I can never understand how much Jesus loves me, how much my Heavenly Father loves me, till I read the scriptures and when the Holy Spirit opens my eyes. My daughter had that excruciating pain at her knee cap again. It's the 2nd time. I was reading a devotion when she came out limping to me and moaning in pain. So I became nervous. It was the same symptom, her knee cap felt warm and pain when I touched it, she could not straighten her leg, that same accumulating of fluid around her knee cap and that small knee cap bone moving around the frontal part of her knee when I touched it gently. And there I was, nervous, fussing over her knee, and fear got the better of me. I imagine myself taking money out to bring her to the Dr, and all the xrays, and difficulty walking would mean a knee support, all that money. I think and think. Until I ask her to go sit down while I continued with my devotion reading. But she told me she wanted to try walk to the bathroom and bath. I just don't care what she's doing anymore, even when she said she wanted to walk to the bathroom. I mean, bathroom and water, and then what if she falls down. Most parents would not do that, but I was nervous, and the more I see her condition, the more I become nervous, so I decide to sit down and continue with my reading. I was reading Luke 5:23, Jesus says " Your sins are forgiven you." As I meditated on that, I kept thinking of the word " forgiven ". Last time I thought ' forgiven ' is a very common word, so I make light of that word. But as I meditated on it, I realized that everyday I make so many mistakes. And EVERY OF MY MISTAKES ALL FORGIVEN. Not only that, God must be so good, I make 1001 mistakes, God says never mind, and still treats me so good. It's an act of HIs love for me! I mean, after doing so many so  many mistakes, God says I have been forgiven, only someone who really and truly loves me can say that! I have a problem with forgiving people myself sometimes, and if such a person makes me angry every time, and every time I forgive that person, that person must be someone I really love, and because I love that person so much, I just willing to overlook all the mistakes! The only person I can think of to do such thing is my daughter and husband, but even then they make my blood boil sometimes. So I thought, God must really truly love me so much! And at that time, I realized that He loves me, so definitely He will do good for me. As I kept thinking about His love, I noticed that my daughter stopped moaning. So I went to check on her. To my surprise, she was standing properly. And she told me the pain suddenly just disappeared when she was bathing. And it daunt on me that, WHEN I REALIZE HOW MUCH GOD LOVES ME, THE MIRACLE COMES. So other things suddenly don't matter anymore. All I need to do is realize God loves me, and all the other things come in place.

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