Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A reflection by JC

By JC. A reflection of God's goodness in her life. Written on 2nd August.

I noticed God still blesses me, even though I make mistakes everyday. It dawned on me that I did not purposely go about making things right for blessings to come my way. By right, and to the natural world, putting in effort, hard work, getting results and doing our best is what's needed to get our reward. Such efforts, are highly laudable in the eyes of society. They are often deemed as role models, capable, and able to wear more than one hat. But the truth is, they do not have Jesus on their side. We are the ones who are the loved ones of God, we are the ones who are favoured. The more I realised that, the more I think I rather have God's hand over me. Men's hands are too small. The more I realised that even if I make mistakes, it does not matter anymore. Because the I realised more, how much, how much my sins have been taken away. And I realised more, that I do not have to earn His blessings, because my sins, which I do everyday, knowingly, or unknowingly are just not an issue to God anymore. More and more, I realise that my sins are not a hindrance for me to call on God. I realise that my sins are just not an issue anymore. It's unlike the economy of society where only the cream of the crop gets the meat, or the good things. It just doesn't matter anymore. I just realise my sins does not matter anymore, it is no barrier to God. The very fact that God rushes out of the Holy of Holies to meet me after Jesus tore down the curtain through the Cross, shows how perfect the work of Jesus is at the Cross, and how pure Jesus already made me. I still do wrong things everyday. I still quarrel with my husband sometimes, still feel like pulling my hair or clutching my fist whenever my colleagues piss me off, I still sometimes have bad thinking of my colleagues. If I were to look at myself, whole day I will become so condemned. Because, what good could I have done? But thank God all this rubbish that I do, have been taken away by Jesus. Amidst all this, God still sees me pure, still wants to bless me, even though I'm in my weakness. And though I see God is just so ridiculously good, it's still probably not enough to describe Him.