Thursday, June 5, 2014

What the Lord wants for me with regards to peace

In my heart, I had wished to have an improvement in a certain area of my life. It is a material thing. I felt that if I have it, I will be more rested. And I will feel more peaceful. So I was wishing for it.

I believe this is common and it happens to many of us. Some may feel if you have a better car, you will have a quieter journey, a smoother ride and feel more comfortable. You will then feel more rested and more peaceful when you travel. Some may wish for a better house in a better environment so that you can rest better and be more peaceful. Some may want to have a better education. With a better education, you would be able to find a better job and that will make you feel more rested about our future. Thus brings us more peace. Some wish for millions of dollars. They think that with so much money, their future would be secured and they can rest and be peaceful with themselves. Some may feel you need to get married, then you will have peace. Some may feel you need to have a child, then you will have peace. Some may feel if you solve that marriage or family issue, then you will have peace.

Do you have such a wish in your life right now? Think. If you do then this post would be more meaningful for you. For me, I have been hoping to have "that thing" as I believe I will be more peaceful if I have it. After a long time the Lord answered. And what He said is what my Pastor has been preaching so frequently. How could I have missed it! The truth is right in front of me.

The Lord wants me to find peace in Jesus. The Lord is the primary source of our peace. He is known as the prince of peace (Isaiah 9:6). Though things we see around us in the world can provide a certain amount of peace, the principal source of peace is in the Lord. I then understand that if I can find peace in the Lord, I can have peace anytime, under any circumstances, right now. And the good news is that I do can find peace in the Lord! We all can. Jesus died at the cross to give us His peace.
27Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you; not as the world gives, give I to you. Don't let your heart be troubled, neither let it be fearful. (John 14, WEB)
Once I remember the Lord again, and realised that He is my peace, I felt so happy and so relieved. I never need to rely on getting anything as a pre-condition for peace ever again.  I can be at rest right where I am.

You don't need that quarrel to mend before you can have peace. You don't need to see healing to your physical challenge before you can have peace. You don't need your child to turn around before you can have peace. You don't need to have that financial challenge resolved before you have peace.

I believe that all of us need to meditate on what this peace means to us. What it can do for us. The greek word for peace, "eirene", also means wholeness, referring to all essential parts joining together (HELPS word-studies). As we spend time to take hold of Jesus as our peace, our outward circumstances will also improve and things in our lives will begin to come together. Isn't it better to have peace first and then see circumstances improve? Instead of having to wait for circumstances to improve before we can have that peace - we would have suffered so much. God is wise indeed to have designed it this way.

Find peace in the Lord. Jesus is your peace.

Hope this blesses you.

Shalom. Isaac.

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