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This blog was mooted by a wise friend of mine. It is meant for me to share Christian musings with my friends and it also acts as a place for me to document my thoughts and what I have learnt over time.

It is not meant to be a formal source of information. It is a personal sharing from me to my friends. It is best read with a light heart and with an eye on the love of Jesus. 

Messages contained in this blog remind you of how good our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is. It builds up your faith in Him. They are timeless the way God's Word is timeless. That means you can read any post written now or in the past and it will still speak to you. It will offer both you and me the encouragement we need during tougher times.

The motivation for the blog is guided by the verses below:

I have proclaimed glad news of righteousness in the great assembly.    Behold, I will not seal my lips, Yahweh, you know.
10 I have not hidden your righteousness within my heart.    I have declared your faithfulness and your salvation.    I have not concealed your loving kindness and your truth from the great assembly. (Psalms 40:9-10, WEB)

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