2nd August 2013

By JC.

I always think that if God can save such a rotten egg like me, then He can save my uncle. I lived with my uncle for about 16 yrs, From my tender age, I've seen him struggled with drug abuse. I see how his strong body wasting away all this years. I see how he would do anything in the name of drugs. Even his weak body was no deterrent for him to use every ounce of his strength just to get his fix. I've seen how he drained my mum of her finances, how he would beg for money, just to get his fix. I've seen no more dignity. I saw how he turned to illegal money lenders in a desperate attempt just to buy drugs. I've seen how he would rather use every cent of his salary just to spend it on drugs, how illegal money lenders torment us, threatening money from us, as if we can grow money from our own body. Even after I got married and moved out of the house, though I felt the relief, but I know mum and sis are still not spared from my uncle's wrong doings. In and out of drug rehabilitation centres. In and out, in and out. Even when he is in the rehab centre, we still get illegal money lenders hounding us. Year after year after year, same old thing repeating again and again.  Reporting to the police proved futile, as the police reprimanded my aunt and mum with unkind words. " Who ask your brother to borrow money from them!" , as if our ordeal wasn't enough, the policeman had to rub salt into our wounds. As time passed, I gradually learnt to "immunise" myself against this. As mum aired her grievances to me, I would just cut off my emotions and tell myself to stop pulling myself into pity parties. I learnt that I can listen without getting down and frustrated. Recently though, things look uplifting. I told my husband to go my mum's house to pass her something. At my mum's house, he saw a guitar and asked my aunt whose was that. My aunt told him it belongs to my uncle. He was surprised, cos my uncle, apart from those usual things he did, he doesn't really do anything else. So my husband probed out of curiosity, and aunt told him my uncle was just released recently from the drug centre. Now my uncle plays worship songs in church, and a pastor would come to bring him to church every week. I was stumped for words when I heard that. My uncle has never been to church before, never had such discipline to go to church. I thank God for this good start, and I believe things will get better.

22th May 2013

JC's daughter turns out good!

I can never understand, I mean, what good I ever did to have such a good daughter? I'm a rascal all the way from my childhood years, all the way to my teenage years. I NEVER ONCE THOUGHT OF HONOURING MY PARENTS WHEN I WAS SMALL THEN. I grew up in strife, only thought how I could ever protect my money, even when I was young. My natural father was always sponging off us. Even my money in my piggy bank was not spared. I remembered how he got into mountains of debts and took away all my money from my piggy bank. Thus, when I have my daughter, I was determined that I do not want to do that to my daughter, no matter how broke I am. What surprised me though, I did not ask her for money. The first instance was when she gave me and my husband $8 from her bank. We told her that she does not have to give us money, but she insisted that we accept it because she was grateful for how we kept buying things for her, for her needs and her wants. So we accepted it. The second was she gave me $6 again. She said she wants me to keep it. She said she was very grateful and how she sees  me doing things for her. Today again, when we were about to go off to school, I was waiting for her at the door, and upset that she was taking such a long time. I went in to check on her, and found her rummaging through her piggy bank, counting the coins. I asked her what she is doing, as we were late. She said she wanted to take $3 out of her piggy bank to bring to school as pocket money, as she wants to save money for me. I was so touched. I told her and insisted that she should keep it. When I fetched her home, she opened up her piggybank again. She said she is very concerned if she has enough money, because she wants to put money for the offering as well as buy a necklace that she saw in the bookshop. That necklace is considered expensive for a small girl like her. But after doing her maths, she found that she has enough money for the necklace and more than enough for the offering bag. She said she want to buy the necklace for me as a mother's day gift. I told her it was not necessary, but she insisted on it. A small gal like her, so willing to part with her money for her parents. I DID NOT TEACH HER THAT. And I'm amazed at how God can be so good to me, when in fact, I am not a perfect person. I wanted to pay for the necklace, but she insisted she wants to buy it for me. 


18th May 2013

JC wins a trip to Taiwan!

I came across a newspaper cut-out of a contest for a trip to Taiwan. No need to buy anything, just fill up the particulars and drop it in a box at a shopping centre. My husband and I did not mind doing that, since we had already intended to go to the hawker near the shopping centre, and it's also on the way. One requirement is that the contestant must be there physically to receive the prize when the organiser read out the names. So we went for lunch first, and after that, back to the shopping centre. I noticed the stage that had been set up for the programs. I thought it's quite a coincidence, cos I have been listening to pastor's sermons on ' bamar seat'. Its a stage where all of us go to receive rewards, for the good we do, and even the things we did that have no value at all. I did not think much about it though. When it's time for the reading of names, the organiser said that he would pick 10 coupons from the box to play a game. So he started calling, from the first to the tenth. The ninth and tenth person did not come forward, so he picked out another two more, and I happened to be the last one called. So we started playing the first round. I had to answer 10 questions. I was standing in front of a crowd at the shopping centre, and SO NERVOUS. They gave me a paper to write all my answers on it. Unfortunately, because of my nervousness, I wrote all the answers wrongly. Eg, the answer for the 2nd question, I would write it on the 3rd questions. The answer for the forth question, I would write it on the wrong one again. So, all my answers were jumbled up! The organiser announced that those who were forfeited for the first round, would still get a luggage. I did not want the luggage, so I went forward to ask the host who was hosting the show, if he could repeat the questions again, so I could number my answers correctly. But that host bluntly gave me a flat " No". I was thinking , : " God!! WHAT FOR YOU GIVE ME LUGGAGE??!! YOU THINK I HAVE NOT ENOUGH??" Immediately, after I cried out to God, the manager of the travel agency appeared to the host, and said TO REPEAT THE QUESTIONS AGAIN! My! I told myself I will not blow up the whole thing again. So I rewrote all my answers and handed it to the manager. There were many questions I did not know how to answer, because I was so nervous, but my husband was there among the audience to motion the answers to me. So they checked the answers, and it turned out that I have the highest score among the other contestants. So praise God, I did not get the luggage, and I qualified for the 2nd round. There were five of us left. We had to do the " Amazing Race". So we had to run around looking for Taiwanese shops in the mall. The fastest one gets the prize. So I scoured around the mall for the shops and went back to the manager with the answers. It happened that I was the 2nd contestant to reach the manager. So I knew I had already won the prize. There were 2 sets of prizes to be won. They announced my name to the audience and I went up to the stage to receive my prize. Suddenly when I received my prize, I realised I was at the " Bamer Seat" !!. It's the stage where God gives rewards to us even for the things which we did which have no value at all! So amazing! I realised that when I'm listening to sermons, or reading the Bible, I'm also actually reading into my future. And I realised it's the Word that defines my future.

19th April 2013

God gave JC favor with mother-in-law

I don't have a good relationship with my mother-in-law. I got pregnant before marriage. So naturally, I was looked down on by my in laws. My mother-in-law treated me like an outsider. Things got worse after I became a Christian. I like to sing worship songs under my breath. No matter how softly I sang, she would still hear it, and tell me to stop singing. The reason she told me was that she does not allow singing of Christian worship songs in her house. But singing worship songs was my only form of solace. I tried to make it as soft as possible but it made her even mad. Then things got to a stage where she would warn me not to bring my husband to church, as she does not want her male off spring to worship the Lord. I suppose she dislike me for believing in Jesus. This went on for many years. She would try every trick in the book to put my daughter's name on the idol temple with the other idols. She would pick on me on even small matters. But recently, I noticed her attitude to me changed. She would tell my husband that among all the daughter-in-laws, I'm the most obedient one. I was very surprised. Someone who keep picking on me for donkey years will say that of me to my husband?! Then today, my husband passed me $450. I asked what for give me so much money. He told me that it's his mother who wants to give me. I was surprised! She never gave me anything for as long as I know her, not even a red packet when I was married. I thought I was the bane of her life. This is the first time she is giving me a huge amount of cash. My husband told me that his mother did not give money to the other daughter in laws, only to me. And I definitely did not struggle. I long gave up on the relation with me and my in law. I know God did this for me. And I look forward to God surprising me more in my everyday life.

 9th April 2013

How JC found the Father's love

I did not have the luxury of a natural father by my side when I was young. Most of the time, I knew my father was at home was when I saw his bath towel hanging on the bed. That was as close as I could get to see him. He's always not at home, and we do not have a relationship at all. I was always on my own, doing things for myself. I never once had my natural father fussing over me, doing things for  me. I could never understand how it's like to be loved by a father. I never call him "father" at all. I just could not say it out of my mouth. That word " father " gave me unpleasant memories, disappointment, and disgust. Even when I was saved and went to the first church, I could not bring myself to call God " Father ". I call God as God. I found it hard to call God " Father ", because when I do that, it's like seeing God as my own biological father. How my natural father treated me affected very much how I see God. Until God moved me to another church, the church whom the pastor always preach about Jesus. He said that Jesus came to earth to reveal God as our Father. I still found it hard though, cause when I call God as Father, I somehow connect God as my own natural father, like God become my natural father. But pastor always say Jesus reveal God as my Father. So I started to call God by faith " Daddy ". I did not like it when I call Him that. But as the time passed, I could call God " Daddy ". But I was just calling like just using it as a term, like generalizing this word. But God revealed Himself to me slowly. Once my caregroup leader showed us a video of how a father helped his boy to overcome all odds. I watched the video. As I watched, I heard the Holy Spirit telling me, " That is you Father. ". I was so blown away. I thought in my heart, " My Father? That's my Father pushing me, carrying me, me just not doing anything, and my Father just doing everything to bring me to the reward point? Bringing me to the finishing line? You mean that's my Father?" Suddenly my mindset of the Father changed totally. My Father is the One who wants to help me, not the natural one that gave me the unpleasant memories. And suddenly I just recognize that's He is my Father. And at that moment, it felt like Father and Daughter finally reunite together. I suddenly felt I have a Father, and I just ' own ' my Father by saying in my heart, that's my Father. I confessed that in my heart. God changed my view of Him as my Father greatly. Now, I can actually very surely say in my heart that He is my Father.

21st March 2013

God's blessing for OH's work

One day, my boss asked me to work out a template to keep track of all stocks we have. Firstly, I hate to use computers. I do not like anything to do with computer work. I'm not the computer savvy type. 2ndly, I do not know how to use excel. We don't use excel for my job scope, and I did not learn it during my school days for my course, because we do not need excel. I asked my fellow colleagues, they too do not know how to use excel. I thought I ask the clerks, but they belong to the older generation and they too have not learnt excel. So I tried to do it myself, but those icons know me, I don't know them. I click here click there, for half and hour, just to try to merge 3 rows into 1 row, but still can't. I told you I'm computer idiot. So I stop doing it. I did not bother about it for the next few weeks. Then there was this new part time clerk who came in for a short contract. At that time, boss was putting pressure on the audit again, and I remember I still have not done that silly template. As I took out the file to mull over what I should do, I heard the Holy Spirit telling me to go ask the young part time clerk. I thought about it for awhile. Then I went to ask her if she knows how to do excel. She said she knows how to do. So I asked if she could help me with stocks, and she said she would. So I handed over the file to her, and she did up all the stocks for me on the excel sheet, classifying it for me nicely. She did it all for me in 1 day. And the timing is right. Because her last day is next week, of which I would not see her anymore, because the next few days, I would be going on leave. So everything God orchestrated for me at the right time. Not only she did the excel for me, she sent the template to my email, so I can just make changes if I want, without starting all over again. I learnt that God is concerned about our everyday matters, and He wants to be part of it. Thank you Lord


23rd Feb 2013

God's blessing for CA's tuition business 

An administrator from this a website called me yesterday. Wants to list me in their site. I went in and take a look. Along me, were very high profile tutors who owned famous learning centres or education publishers. I felt for a moment proud and then slowly realise actually its not about me at all. How amazing God's results are. Effortless and restful. Even I'm not a A* tutor (yet) or do not hold a teaching diploma, God can still put me in positions where A* tutors are at. When God open doors,no one can shut. A little milestone for my career. Praise the Lord!

JC's growing up years

My growing years was a turbulent one. My dad left my family when I was at a tender age, thanks to an affair he had, which rocked the family hard. My mum became the sole bread winner. Having to bear the full brunt of my father's infidelity, she also had my mentally ill aunt and ailing grandmother to take care of. I have one more sister. Back then, my father had accumulated debts and had taken whatever money he could from us. We had another house then which we rented out. My mum would go there month after month to get the rent, but my dad would always be one step ahead of her, and had taken the rent. He left no leeway for my mum. My mum became bitter. Soon, my sister and I found that we became a target of criticism for my mum. My mum would vent her anger on us. Whatever we did to please mum was always not good enough for her. I remember all our thank you cards we made to mum ending up in the rubbish dump. My mum would always berate us, saying she rather have gold or money rather than useless cards with no value that could not help her at all. Love was not a menu on my family. The family was filled with strife. We lived from hand to mouth. And we resented mum for the way she treat us. I had yearned for love from a tender age. I desire for my mum to hug me or hold me. But my mum was so troubled to care about us. She would come home after work and not have a second look at us. I grew up bitter, and yearning for love. I sought love at all the wrong places. I led a promiscuous lifestyle. I did not care, even though I knew those men wanted nothing more than to satisfy their flesh. It continued all the way. Until I met my husband. We got together not because of love, but because I ended up pregnant. So we got married. Our relationship was far from the " Till death do us apart" vow that we made at the wedding ceremony. It was fraught with arguments. And I pinned all my hopes on my husband for love. But it did not work out well. Meanwhile, I met this lady who persuaded me to go to church. I refused but relented eventually. After service, this lady gave me a hug. It was the first time I was being hugged. I cried intensely. I stayed at that church for sometime. A series of events happened and I decided I should move on. The Lord led me to a new church. I attended caregroup sessions. Once, at this caregroup session, I saw this small girl kept going to her father and asking her father to carry her while we were worshipping. I thought to myself that I did not have a father who could carry  me. I watched the girl as her father lifted her up. As I watched that, the Lord spoke to me " I Am your Father.". When I heard that, I was sobbing non-stop. After that, we had discussion, and I was sitting with this elderly lady. I looked into her eyes and there was this tender look. It made me sobbed continuously. And the Lord said to me " I Am you Mother.". I'm writing this to glorify God. He is whatever I need Him to be. As I allowed God to do HIs work in my life, my relationship with my husband was restored. We do not have the frequent arguments we had previously. The Lord put His Laws in my heart, and I can sense His directions. If it's a battle the Lord told me it's not worth fighting for, then I would not discuss about it with my husband. But even if I ended up having intense discussions with my husband, I did not feel condemned like I was in the past, because I know that I quarrel in His Grace, and God will turn things around for my good. Of course I don't go and quarrel purposely for the sake of Him turning things for my good. I'm still human and have weakness, I do not have it all together, but I know Jesus will put it all together when I fail.


21st Feb 2013

JC's testimony for March 2012

I had a quarrel with my boss. The work load was stressful. I kept having intense gastric pains continuously for months and I suffered a miscarriage. Due to the nature of my work, I was working shifts and had very little time with my daughter then. She was not performing well in school and I had numerous calls from the teacer, telling me she wasn't performing on par with her classmates. I felt I may need to switch to part time to spend more time with my girl. The last straw came when my boss said my shoe was too big and she scolded me for making so much noise as I walked in the shoe. She then made me sign a counselling form. That was the last straw. I walked out of her. I went to the Human Resource dept and gave my resignation in lieu. Thats resignation with immediate notice. So i gave one month salary to them also. I was fed up and figure out that the job was not worth me risking my health. I left then. I was so broke after I left. I cant find a job. And I had panic attacks. But I kept listening to the Word. Pastor was preaching " Do not let your heart be afraid, neither let it be troubled. When you guard your heart, God will take care of the things around you.". I found it hard to swallow that. Because the circumstances looks like it's pressing against me. So I went to sleep. I thought the best thing to do to keep myself from thinking is to go to sleep. Anyway, halfway through, I was woken up by a call. It was the manager of the outpatient clinic from the hospital where I worked from. She told me that she had to call me, because the director of the department wanted her to call me. She said that she must call me because the director said she must call me. So she told me that she has a part time job to offer me and asked me to go down for an interview. So i went down the next day. The manager did not interview me at all. She immediately asked me when I would like to start work and she asked me to list my conditions. Technically speaking, it's like a blank cheque to me. So I told her my conditions, that I only want to work on weekdays for half day, and she accepted it. She said I can start work according to my time. Then she said she will call the human resource dept to make arrangements for the one month salary I paid in lieu to be returned to me. Then I asked if I will still get any bonus. She said she will still give me my bonus. When I started work at the clinic after that, I was informed by my boss that she will promote me. So I was promoted shortly after. And the time I started work coincided with the decision of the government to raise all of health care worker's pay. It was also the time where the company gave a once a year pay adjustment(increment). So after the whole saga with my ex boss, God restored my position and my finances. I got back the one month salary I paid to the company, I got my bonus, my pay rise and promotion.  I'm writing this to give glory to God.

20th Feb 2013

God takes care of the little things - by JC

  1. Once I was holding a $10 note in my hand. My other hand was holding on to a sweet. So I ate the sweet and held the sweet wrapper in my other hand where I was holding on to my money. I forgot that I was holding on to the money. So I threw away the sweet wrapper with the money into the dustbin without knowing it. Shortly, I wanted to go out. I cant find my money. That time, I was speaking in tongues. My daughter was waiting for me outside the gate and asking me why I'm taking such a long time. I told her I could not find my money. So she came in and went to the kitchen. She stood beside the dustbin to wait for me. As she turned her head down to the dustbin, she saw what looked like a $10 note partially covered by rubbish. So she picked it up and told me it's in the dustbin. I thank God for His goodness.
  2. My daughter told me she was eating after school. She had left her bag in the school hall. When she went back to the hall, she noticed that her bag was out of sight. She searched around the hall and could not find it. So she told me she started speaking in tongues. As she spoke in tongues, she told me the Lord spoke to her in a gentle voice, saying her bag is outside the school hall, by the side of the door. She went there to look for it, and she found her bag. God is good.
  3. I went with my husband and daughter to a park in singapore that was partially developed. Some paths were not built fully and there were hadly any toilets in sight. It stated to rain as we walked. And suddenly, I could feel my monthly menses coming, in a very deserted place, with no toilet facilities, and caught in the rain. So I prayed to God for a toilet. And just right after my prayer, I saw a small shelter. I thought it was just a shelter. But as I walked towards it, I noticed it was the toilet!. With my first problem solved, I asked God for a shelter. It was raining heavily. As we walked quickly in the rain, we saw a huge shelter ahead of us. So we took shelter there. The rain lasted for some time and by the time it ended, the ground was wet. There were no proper pathway for us to walk out to the nearest train station. We had to walk up a wet and muddy slope which I was reluctant to do so. I don't like to get my shoes wet. So I grumbled to God and told him I hate to walk on such muddy ground. I did not even tell this to my husband. Then my husband looked back at me and told me to sit on my daughter's bike and that he would push me up the slope. My daughter helped to push me up also. My problem solved. God made me feel like a princess that day.
  4. My daughter had to buy a lap top that's recommended by her school. So I had no choice but to buy the lap top, and the price was steep. Just one week after I bought the laptop, my daughter told me she lost it. So I tried to find out what happen, but she was too distraught to tell me. So I reported it to her teacher. We searched high and low for the laptop in her class room, but could not find it. So the teacher said she will investigate the matter. I was nervous about it and prayed to God for help. The next day, her teacher called me and said the laptop was found. She told me that one of my daughter's classmates was not happy with her and had hid her laptop out of anger. So they managed to find it. I thank God for restoring our things when they are lost. 

19th Feb 2013

JC shares her true testimony that took place in Feb 2013

Ever since changing to part time job, my salary has been halved. There were times the depleting bank account look more real to me and I felt discouraged. I still kept listening to the Word, reading His Word, anything to do with Jesus, I will try to get myself engaged. I'm not saying I'm so good and holy to keep reading His Word. It's just that in times like this, what else can I do but to rely on Him? I have no choice, not that I'm so good. It's His Grace that keeps me looking to HIs Word. Then one Friday, as I was reading the newspapers, I came across a lucky draw coupon. I saw the first prize of $3888. I told God I want the $3888. So I ask my husband to agree with me in prayer. But he said I should not be depending on lucky draw. But I don't think I'm depending on that. I believe that God will transfer this amount that belongs to the world to my pocket. So I just filled up the coupon and dropped it at the box in the shopping mall. The box was spilling with coupons. It looks in the natural that I do not have any chance at all. But I saw Jesus shed His blood at the Cross. Then I know that I'm putting my coupon not because I want the money, but because He already given me the money. So I drop it off and left. In the mean time, pastor's sermons raised up my hopes. He mentioned that when he was in the time of great need, someone dropped money at the door. My hopes were raised. I received what he said as what God want to do for me. On the next Friday, I received a phone call from the press, saying that I have won a tablet and $300 worth of shopping vouchers. But I was quite disappointed though. I rather prefer the $3888. So i asked the person over the phone, " What about the $3888?". She said that if I was selected for the cash prize, they will visit my house the next day before 12pm. But I must be at home to receive the prize, or they will give the chance to another person. So I decided to wake up at 8am by faith. I woke up at 8am the next day and waited. Many bad thoughts flash through my mind. Am I stupid? Am I blinded by money? So I tuned in to a sermon. The pastor said to prepare for a flood warning. He said that a flood is coming. My hopes were raised again. As I was doing quiet time, I heard a lot of commotion outside my door. I ran to  my door and peered through the door hole. There were many people snapping pictures of my door. I opened my door, and they asked for the owner of the home. So I said I am. Then they verified my identity and immediately whipped out a red packet for me. I saw on the red packet with the words " $3888". I knew it was God. I opened the packet and counted the cold cash of $3888. I nearly fainted. I told my husband about it. He kept thinking I said $388. So he was not really excited. When he reached home and saw the red packet, my husband nearly passed out. This testimony is written to glorify God and testify what He did for me. God picked me to win prizes from the same draw 2 times.  


JC shares her amazing testimony that took place in Sept 2010

This was the year I joined a church that preaches non stop about Jesus. At the time, I was under depression. My relationship with my husband was rocky and I was out of job. I have a child to feed. The pressure to bring food to the table was intense. At that time, I was in and out of drugs, those kind that I will take in excess to sleep my time away, to numb the pain in my heart, to the point I was addicted. I did not know how to help myself. It's very difficult. I had a friend who was attending church. But she did not bring me to her church. She brought me to another church. It's the church I said that keeps preaching about Jesus. I went there. After the first service, I felt immediate release. I did not feel the depressed feeling. I left the church feeling happy. Week after week, I attended and keep leaving happily. As I felt joy, i noticed my addiction to drugs decreasing and I stopped taking them. I threw away all the narcotic drugs. Shortly, one week after I attended the church, someone called me to say she has a part time job for me. I did not register with any agency and did not know where the job came from. Any way, I took it up. To my surprise, she just wanted me to go to this lady's house, which was only a stone's throw away from my house, just do a simple dressing. The dressing took only 15 min to complete and the lady gave me $50!. I was bowled over by the amount. The short assignments kept coming to me. Those kind that's very near my house and would take only about 15min for each assignment. Each time I earned $50-$100. I was able to buy food. I tried applying for a job, but none called for interview. So I decided to call the hospital that I worked before. I was reluctant to send my resume to them, because back then, they had asked me to resign, because back then, I had to leave immediately after my work hours as I had to fetch  my child from the childcare centre, and they told me that they felt I was not commited because I wanted to leave on time to fetch my child. They had a very bad impression on me. At the exit interview, they gave me a feedback form and needless to say, I gave them a bad feedback as they were forcing me to resign because of  my child. The exit process ended badly. Nevertheless, I was called for the interview. The interview was short and sweet, They did not ask me anything about my experience with the past clinic. They did not ask me anything about the bad feed back I gave them. The next day, I received a call saying they will give me a position. And the salary was higher than what I had previously. I'm saying this to glorify the Lord and what He did for  me. The Lord beat the odds for me and gave me the job despite the odds that were against me.


14th Feb 2013

Jh shares how God brought him back to church
In 2010, I stopped going to church, giving the excuse that I had to work on Sundays. My work made it possible to attend the last service of my church, but I felt then that the timing was too late and that it was a hassle to rush to church after work.

My wife and children continued attending church service while I stopped attending totally. I also stopped attending Care group, giving the excuse that I had to have dinner at my mother’s home once a week. With no church, no Care group and little Bible reading on my own, I quickly fell away from the Lord.

I spent the next two and a half years living only for myself, my work and my family. However, I always felt a void in my life, which I now know is something that only God’s love can fill.

At the end of 2012, I was feeling a deep dissatisfaction about life. I don't know how it started, but I began to develop an urge to read the Bible. Out of the blue and quite unexpectedly, my ex-Care group leader sent me a text message. I was surprised that he would even have my number after so long. God also put inside me the desire to attend church. So, one Sunday after work, without telling my wife or family, I attended the last service at my church. I could not stop crying during the worship as I felt like the prodigal son who had returned home into the loving arms of his father.

bumped into my ex-Care group host 2 weeks later, in church, and he invited me back to Care group. I began to realise how much God loves me: He would arrange divine messages and appointments to lead me back to him!
Today, I’m attending church regularly. God has placed in my heart the desire to read the Bible, pray with my family members and declare God’s promises over our lives. Because of God’s goodness, I am now a better husband and father. I’m amazed by God’s love. He never lets a sheep stray away for too long and will always bring it back into His house. Thank you, Father God, for your amazing love! 

4th Feb 2013

LKS shares how his parents were saved in spite of him not being able to minister well - it is the Lord
Many years' ago I shared Christ with my father. I can not speak our dialect well and he could understand only a bit of Mandarin. I had never share in Mandarin before also. Somehow, I was given the opportunity to talk to him. I remember I did not talk much because I was not proficient. I can not remember now what I said to him except my last sentence, do you want to receive Jesus? He nodded his head. In the case of my mother, worst still. She could not understand even Mandarin but you know what, Jesus appeared to her. It is not how good we can share a testimony, it is  whether we are willing to be used by God who does it in His amazing ways.

30th Jan 2013

From KK's wife
Today ..I am trying not to be overly concerned with my hubby KK 's health condition - doctor suspect there might be a blockage in the veins - knowing with a God so good He will always be there to protect him. But trying to put this issue aside is difficult. And today he went for his medical review after a thorough check on his heart a week ago. And my hubby just came back with good news that his result show his  heart is healthy and all blood flow freely . Praise The Lord.! Immediately we took holy communion to remember His goodness  and love upon us.

From KK's perspective
Thank you all my bro & sis in Christ. You love & concern have moved my heart. It is true that Jesus blood covers over doctors' bad report. The heart doctor could not find any clogged vessel in my body despite the earlier report that cast some doubt in my state of health in Nov-12. It also amplified my fear that the occasional numbness in my right arm is evidence that some arteries in my arm is clogging up.
Our trip to Israel reveals so much more of the bible to me. Listening to sermons is now like watching TV. I actually trusted The Lord more, and has not really been worried about the heart test this month. Rest in The Lord & let His grace do the finished work! Amen!


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